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Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Maria Jefferson Eppes, 26 Oct. 1801 [Quote]

it would be a great satisfaction to me ... to have the enjoiment of family society for a few days undisturbed. nothing can repay me the loss of that society, the only one founded in affection and bosom confidence ... it is in the love of one’s family only that heartfelt happiness is known. I feel...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Joseph Dougherty, 6 Sept. 1807 [Quote]

I am sincerlely glad that your family dispute is made up, as I am convinced it will tend to your own happiness, and particularly to th to the well-being of your children. the differings between man & wife, however they may affect their tranquility, can never produce such sufferings as are...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to William Clark, 10 Sept. 1809 [Quote]

You mention in your letter that you are proceeding with your family to Fort Massac. this informs me that you have a family, & I sincerely congratulate you on it. while some may think it will render you less active in the service of the world, those who take a sincere interest in your personal...

Extract from Virginia J. Randolph Trist to Nicholas P. Trist, 26 May 1839

when it grew too dark to read, in the half hour that passed before candles came in, as we all sat round the fire, he taught us several childish games, and would play them with us ... When the candles were brought, all was quiet immediately, for he took up his book to read, and we would not speak...