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Extract from Thomas Jefferson to William G. Munford, 18 June 1799 [Quote]

I am among those who think well of the human character generally. I consider man as formed for society, and endowed by nature with those dispositions which fit him for society. I believe also ... that his mind is perfectible to a degree of which we cannot as yet form any conception. it is...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to John Manners, 22 Feb. 1814 [Quote]

but with this objection, lying but in a small degree, Linnaeus’s method was recieved, understood, and conventionally settled among the learned, and was even getting into common use. to disturb it then was unfortunate. the new systems attempted in Botany, by Jussieu, in Mineralogy, by Haüy, are...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Cooper, 7 Oct. 1814 [Quote]

and Botany I rank with the most valuable sciences, whether we consider it’s subjects as furnishing the principal subsistence of life to man & beast, delicious varieties for our tables, refreshments from our orchards, the adornments of our flower-borders, shade and perfume of our groves,...