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Extract from Thomas Jefferson to James Currie, 4 Aug. 1787 [Quote]

I know no condition happier than that of a Virginia farmer might be, conducting himself as he did during the war. his estate supplies a good table, clothes itself & his family with their ordinary apparel, furnishes a small surplus to buy salt, sugar, coffee, & a little finery for his wife...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to George Washington, 28 June 1793 [Quote]

good husbandry with us consists in abandoning Indian corn, & tobacco, tending small grain, some red clover, fallowing, & endeavoring to have, while the lands are at rest, a spontaneous cover of white clover. I do not present this as a culture judicious in itself, but as good in comparison...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to John Brown, 5 Apr. 1797 [Quote]

in Paris particularly all the new & good houses are of a single story. that is of the height of 16. or 18. f. generally, & the whole of it given to the rooms of entertainment; but in the parts where there are bedrooms they have two tier of them of from 8. to 10. f. high each, with a...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Madame de Tessé, 27 Mar. 1811 [Quote]

Since I had last the pleasure of writing to you, I have to acknolege the reciept of your favors of 1809. June 12. & Oct. 9. & 1810. March 24. with the first came the seeds of the Paullinia or Koelreuteria, one of which has germinated, and is now growing. I cherish it with particular...