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Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Joseph Dougherty, 6 Sept. 1807 [Quote]

I am sincerlely glad that your family dispute is made up, as I am convinced it will tend to your own happiness, and particularly to th to the well-being of your children. the differings between man & wife, however they may affect their tranquility, can never produce such sufferings as are...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to William Clark, 10 Sept. 1809 [Quote]

You mention in your letter that you are proceeding with your family to Fort Massac. this informs me that you have a family, & I sincerely congratulate you on it. while some may think it will render you less active in the service of the world, those who take a sincere interest in your personal...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Ezra Styles Ely, 25 June 1819 [Quote]

in that branch of religion which regards the moralities of life, and the duties of a social being, which teaches us to love our neighbors as ourselves, and to do good to all men, I am sure that you & I do not differ. we probably differ on that which relates to the dogmas of theology, the...