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Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Spencer Roane, 6 Sept. 1819 [Quote]

each of the three departments has equally the right to decide for itself what is it’s duty under the constitution, without any regard to what the others may have decided for themselves under a similar question.But you intimate a wish that my opinion should be known on this subject. no, dear Sir....

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Jacob De La Motta, 1 Sept. 1820 [Quote]

Th: Jefferson returns his thanks ... for the eloquent discourse on the Consecration of the Synagogue of Savannah ... it excites in him the gratifying reflection that his own country has been the first to prove to the world two truths, the most salutary to human society, that man can govern...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Ritchie, 25 Dec. 1820 [Quote]

if there be anything amiss therefore in the present state of our affairs, as the formidable deficit lately unfolded to us indicates, I ascribe it to the inattention of Congress to it’s duties, to their unwise dissipation & waste of the public contributions. they seemed, some little while ago...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Spencer Roane, 9 Mar. 1821 [Quote]

The great object of my fear is the federal judiciary. that body, like Gravity, ever acting, with noiseless foot, & unalarming advance, gaining ground step by step, and holding what it gains, is ingulphing insidiously the special governments into the jaws of that which feeds them. the recent...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Adamantios Coray, 31 Oct. 1823 [Quote]

the equal rights of man, and the happiness of every individual are now acknoleged to be the only legitimate objects of government. modern times have the signal advantage too of having discovered the only device by which these rights can be secured, to wit, government by the people.

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to John Cartwright, 5 June 1824 [Quote]

the constitutions of most of our states assert that all power is inherent in the people; that they may exercise it by themselves, in all cases to which they think themselves competent, (as in electing their functionaries executive and legislative, and deciding by a jury of themselves, both fact...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to John Cartwright, 5 June 1824 [Quote]

With respect to our state and federal governments, I do not think their relations correctly understood by foreigners. they generally suppose the former subordinate to the latter. but this is not the case. they are co-ordinate departments of one simple, and integral whole. to the State governments...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Richard Rush, 5 June 1824 [Quote]

Congress has just risen, having done nothing remarkable, except passing a tariff bill, by squeezing majorities, very revolting to a great portion of the people of the states, among whom, it is believed, it would not have recieved a vote but of the manufactories manufactorers themselves. it is...

Extract from Draft of Thomas Jefferson to Henry Lee, 10 Aug. 1824 [Quote]

I am no believer in the amalgamation of parties, nor do I consider it as either desirable or useful for the public; but only that, like religious differences, a difference in politics should never be permitted to enter into social intercourse, or to disturb its friendships, its charities or justice.

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Richard Rush, 14 Sept. 1825 [Quote]

you left us in a state of political division, and in the same state you find us, and in that state I hope we shall ever be found. men are not made to have the same opinions, any more than the same features or bodily forms. we differ as others do; and on government as on other subjects.