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Extract from James Fenimore Cooper, 17 June 1823 [Quote]

While we were at the Point it rained much of the time ... Two or three of the intelligent men that I found here spoke so confidently of the merits of a picture that they had, of Jefferson, by Sully, that I thought I would relieve both M[athews] and myself by a visit to the library. You know my...

Extract from the Diary of John Quincy Adams, 23 May 1824 [Quote]

23. VII. ... Mr Hay spoke as he always does with extreme bitterness of Mr Jefferson, whom he declares to be one of the most insincere men in the world ... Mr Jefferson – His enmity to Mr Monroe was inveterate though disquised, and he was at the bottom of all the opposition to Mr Monroe in Virginia.

Extract from the Ana of Robley Dunglison [after 4 July 1826] [Quote]

At all times dignified, and by no means easy of approach to all, he was generally communicative to those on whom he could rely; and in his own house was occasionally free in his speech even to imprudence to those of whom he did not know enough to be satisfied that an improper use might not be...

Extract from Ralph Waldo Emerson, 3 Aug. 1826 [Quote]

Yesterday I attended the funeral solemnities in Faneuil Hall in honour of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. The oration of Mr. Webster was worthy of his fame, and what is much more, was worthy of the august occasion.

Extract from William Short to John H. Cocke, 12 Aug. 1826 [Quote]

... that death which leaves a deep impression, is my venerable friend’s of Monticello – Although prepared for it from his age & infirmities, yet I was most sensible to the shock when it did arrive – This indeed I now consider as one of those struggles of nature against...

Charles Cramer’s Account of a Visit to Monticello, [before 26 May 1827]

Charlottesville—82 miles from Richmond, is celebrated as the Seat of Jefferson College or the University of Virginia. This institution owes its origin to the Late Thos Jefferson former president of the U. St. who devoted the latter part of his ever active life, towards the promotion of Science ...

Extract from James Fenimore Cooper, 24 Sept. 1830 [Quote]

Passed the day in reading Jefferson’s letters. I cannot say but the perusal of this book has elevated the man in my estimation. He discovers an equanimity of temper, and a philosophical tone of mind, that are admirable. Some of his remarks are of the first order, and nothing can be better than...

Extract from Memoirs of a Monticello Slave, ca. 1847 [Quote]

He kept three fiddles: played in the arternoons & sometimes arter supper. This was in his early time: When he begin to git so old he didn’t play … Mr. Jefferson always singing when ridin or walkin: hardly see him anywhar out doors but what he was a-singin: Had a fine clear voice: sung minnits...