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Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Tadeusz Kosciuszko, 16 Apr. 1811 [Quote]

the happiness & prosperity of our citizens ... I believe is the only legitimate object of government, and the first duty of governors, and not the slaughter of men, & devastation of the countries placed under their care, in pursuit of a fantastic honor, unallied to virtue or happiness;...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to John Hollins, 5 May 1811 [Quote]

the eyes of the virtuous, all over the earth, are turned with anxiety on us, as the only depositories of the sacred fire of liberty, and that our falling into anarchy would decide forever the destinies of mankind, and seal the political heresy that man is incapable of self government.

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Clement Caines, 16 Sept. 1811 [Quote]

the retort, on European Censors, of their own practices on the liberties of man, the inculcation on the master of the moral duties which he owes to the slave, in return for the benefits of his service, that is to say, of food, cloathing, care in sickness, & maintenance under age &...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to John Adams, 11 June 1812 [Quote]

before the revolution they were in the habit of coming often, & in great numbers to the seat of our government, where I was very much with them. I knew much the great Outassetè, the warrior and orator of the Cherokees. he was always the guest of my father, on his journies to & from...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Tadeusz Kosciuszko, 28 June 1812 [Quote]

my houshold manufactures are just getting into operation on the scale of a Carding machine ... which may be worked by a girle of 12. years old, a Spinning machine ... carrying 6. spindles for wool, to be worked by a girl also, another ... carrying 12. spindles for cotton, & a loom, with a...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Henry Middleton, 8 Jan. 1813 [Quote]

indeed it seems to me that in proportion as Commercial avarice & corruption advance on us from the North and East, the principles of free government are to retire to the agricultural states of the South & West, as their last asylum & bulwark. with honesty & self-government for...