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Extract from Benjamin Rush to James Currie, 26 July 1796 [Quote]

It is expected that Mr. Washington will retire next fall. If so, the contest for his successor will be between Mr. Adams and Mr. Jefferson. The former is devoted to monarchy in all its forms and consequences. The latter is a pure republican, enlightened at the same time in chemistry, natural...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to William A. Burwell, 28 Jan. 1805 [Quote]

I have long since given up the expectation of any early provision for getting in the extinguishment of slavery among us. there are many virtuous men who would make any sacrifices to effect it. many equally virtuous who persuade themselves either that the thing is not wrong, or that it cannot be...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Francis Eppes, 6 Oct. 1820 [Quote]

your Latin & Greek should be kept up assiduously by reading at spare hours: and, discontinuing the desultory reading of the schools. I would advise you to undertake a regular course of history & poetry in both languages. in Greek, go first thro’ the Cyropaedia, and then read Herodotus,...