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Extract from Thomas Jefferson to John Page, 12 Dec. 1762 [Quote]

Well, Page, I do wish the Devil had old Cooke, for I am sure I never was so tired of an old dull scoundrel in my life ... But the old-fellows say we must read to gain knowledge; and gain knowledge to make us happy and be admired. Mere jargon! Is there any such thing as happiness in this world? No...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson’s Memorandum Books [Quote]

agreed with mr Moore that he shall level 250 f. square on the top of the mountain at the N E end by Christmas, for which I am to give 180 bushels of wheat, and 24 bushels of corn, ... if there should be any solid rock to dig we will leave to indifferent men to settle that part between us

Extract from Thomas Jefferson’s Memorandum Books [Quote]

four good fellows, a lad & two girls of abt 16. each in 8 ½ hours dug in my cellar of mountain clay a place 3.f. deep, 8 f. wide & 16 ½ f. long = 142/3 cubical yds. ... in digging my dry well, at the depth of 14 f. I observed one digger, one filler, one drawer … it was a yellow rotten...