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Extract from William C. Rives to John H. Cocke, 20 Jan. 1819 [Quote]

I am very happy in being able, at last, to congratulate you on the success of the Bill for the establishment of an University at the Central college. It was carried, on yesterday, by in the House of Delegates by the overwhelming & unexpected majority of 141 to 28 ... Among the many sources of...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Henry Dearborn, 17 Aug. 1821 [Quote]

I am happy to hear of his good health. I think he will outlive us all, I mean the Declaration-men, altho’ our senior since the death of Colo Floyd. it is a race in which I have no ambition to win. man, like the fruit he eats, has his period of ripeness. like that too, if he continues longer...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to J. Evelyn Denison, 9 Nov. 1825 [Quote]

it has been peculiarly fortunate too that the Professors brought from abroad were as happy a selection as could have been hoped, as well for their qualifications in science as correctness and amiableness of character. I think the example will be followed and that it cannot fail to be one of the...