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Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Jean Baptiste Say, 1 Feb. 1804 [Quote]

again there the best distribution of labor is supposed to be that which places the manufacturing hands alongside of the agricultural; so that the one part shall feed both, & the other part furnish both with clothes & other comforts. would that be best here? egoism and first appearances...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Nathaniel Macon, 12 Jan. 1819 [Quote]

but I see nothing in this renewal of the game of ‘Robin’s alive’ but a general demoralization of the nation, a filching from industry it’s honest earnings, wherewith to build up palaces, and raise gambling stock for swindlers and shavers, who are to close too their career of piracies by...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Richard Rush, 22 June 1819 [Quote]

the eyes of our citizens are not yet sufficiently open to the true cause of our distresses. they ascribe them to every thing but their true cause, the banking system; a system, which, if it could do good in any form, is yet so certain of leading to abuse, as to be utterly incompatible with the...