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Extract from Thomas Jefferson to John Randolph, 25 Aug. 1775 [Quote]

I am sincerely one of those, & would rather be in dependance on Gr. Br. properly limited than on any nation upon earth, or than on no nation. but I am one of those too who rather than submit to the right of legislating for us assumed by the British parl. & which late experience has shewn...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to John Melish, 10 Dec. 1814 [Quote]

instead of fearing and endeavoring to crush our prosperity, had they cultivated it in friendship, it might have become a bulwark instead of a breaker to them. there has never been an administration in this country which would not gladly have met them more than half way on the road to an equal, a...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to James Monroe, 16 Oct. 1816 [Quote]

Great Britain, in her pride and ascendency, has certainly hated and despised us beyond every earthly object. her hatred may remain, but the hour of her contempt is past; and is succeeded by dread; not a present, but a distant and deep one. it is the greater, as she feels herself plunged into an...