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George M. Brooke to Thomas Mann Randolph, 1 Sept. 1821

Permit me to introduce to You my much esteemed friend Col. Callava, late Governor of this province. In him, you will find an Honorable High minded, gallant soldier, & gentleman. As a Virginian, I abhor the cruelty, & despotism with which, he has...

John Quincy Adams to Thomas Mann Randolph, 1 Mar. 1822

In persuance of a Resolution of Congress of the 11th of January last, and of one of the 4th of February following, I have the honor to transmit to you herewith a copy of the Secret Journal of the Old Congress, in 4. vols. together with a printed copy of the Marshal’s Returns of the 4th Census. I...

Charles L. Bankhead to Thomas Mann Randolph, 3 Apr. 1825

your affection towards me has been severely tested, & yet your deportment in our Casual entercourse, convinces me that it still exists. My anxiety to preserve it, is the cause of this address. Coloo S Carr. has for years been to me, a sly & insido insidious foe. I believe, although before...