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John Hemmings to Septimia A. Randolph (Meikleham), 28 Aug. 1825

your Letter came to me on the 23th and hapey was I to embreasit to see you take it upon you self to writ to me and Let me know how your grand Pare was Glad am i to hear that he is no worst dear I hope you ar well and all the famely giv my Love to all your brothars Gorg with Randolph ...

Martha Jefferson Randolph to Septimia A. Randolph (Meikleham), 2 Dec. 1832

I have staid from church dear Septimia for the express purpose of answering your letter. I am not surprised at your predilection for the catholic faith; at your age I believed most religiously that it was the only road to heaven, and looked forward with fear and terror to the possibility of never...