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Bridget Hawkins Roper-Curzon to Martha Jefferson Randolph, 14 Apr 1790

I have expected a letter from My Dear Jefferson, for several months, with the most anxious impatience, but I am resolved to render my conviction subservient to my wishes, and to believe that anything rather than loss of health, or want of affection to your friend, have occasioned your long...

Extract from the Journal of William Maclay, 24 May 1790 [Quote]

Jefferson is a slender man; has rather the air of stiffness in his manner; his clothes seem too small for him; he sits in a lounging manner, on one hip commonly, and with one of his shoulders elevated much above the other; his face has a sunny aspect; his whole figure has a loose, shackling air....

Thomas Mann Randolph to Thomas Mann Randolph (1741–1793), Oct. 1790

Immediately on receiving your letter I sent my servant back to Monticello for the Memo of the agreement between you & Mr Jefferson, which I had left not thinking I shd want it. The journey cannot be performed in less than 4 days & at the expiration of that time it shall be returned to you...