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Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Daniel Trump, 21 Feb. 1801 [Quote]

he was a valuable young man, and his loss has given great concern to me ... the object of the present is to see if you can procure one to supply his place. good humor & sobriety are the two indispensable qualities. skill in his business is now become more important, as I shall be little at...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Walter Jones, 31 Mar. 1801 [Quote]

I am sensible how far I should fall short of effecting all the reformation which reason would suggest and experience approve, were I free to do whatever I thought best. but when we reflect how difficult it is to move or inflect the great machine of society, how impossible to advance the notions...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Maria Jefferson Eppes, 26 Oct. 1801 [Quote]

it would be a great satisfaction to me ... to have the enjoiment of family society for a few days undisturbed. nothing can repay me the loss of that society, the only one founded in affection and bosom confidence ... it is in the love of one’s family only that heartfelt happiness is known. I feel...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to James Monroe, 24 Nov. 1801 [Quote]

Could we procure lands beyond the limits of the US. to form a receptacle for these people? on our Northern boundary, the country not occupied by British subjects, is the property of Indian nations, whose title would be to be extinguished, with the consent of Great Britain; & the new settlers...

Extract from the Autobiography of John Adams, [ca. 1802–1805] [Quote]

Mr Jefferson, had been now about a Year a Member of Congress, but had attended his Duty in the House but a very Small part of the time and when there had never Spoken in public: and during the whole Time I Satt with him in Congress, I never heard him utter three Sentences together. The most of a...